Creating Private Courses

  • What is the process?

    • Sign up for a Coordinator Subscription.
    • Email the following info to [email protected]:
      • The name of the course(s) you want to create. (This can be edited later.)
      • List any lessons from public courses that you want copied into your course. (Additions or edits can be made later.)
      • Provide emails for any co-editors. (Co-editors must also be members.)
    • You’ll receive an email inviting you to edit the course.
    • Edit the course to your liking.
    • Invite people to your course. (You can create private cohorts and further customize the course for each cohort.)
  • How do does payment work?

    • Your seat will be free in any cohort you create.
    • You can purchase seats when creating a cohort so that participants won’t have to pay when creating an account.
    • If there aren’t seats left in the course, or you don’t purchase seats when creating the cohort, learners and moderators will be charged when they create an account.
  • How much will it cost?

    • You won’t pay anything until you start adding people to your course.
    • Basic: A basic private course costs $24 and includes up to 8 lessons from the XPCulture library. By default, your course will come with the 8 lessons from the XPCulture Fundamentals Course. You can request those lessons to be substituted with others. Any copied lessons can be edited, deleted, or left as they are.  Any lessons you create will not increase the course price.
    • Basic+: If you want more than 8 lessons copied into your course from the XPCulture Library, each additional lesson will add $3 to the base price of $24.
  • What happens if I cancel my membership?

    • Your private course will continue to exist and new groups can continue to take the course, but your course editor status will be revoked meaning that you will not be able to edit the master course content until you renew your membership.
  • I coordinate trips for more than 200 people each year.

    • You can buy seats for your private course in bulk at the following price:
      • 200+ seats: $18 each
      • 300+ seats: $15 each
      • 400+ seats: $12 each
      • 500+ seats: $9 each
      • 1k+ seats: $5 each
    • To buy seats in bulk, email the number of seats you need to [email protected].


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