Creating Public Courses

  • What is the process?

    • Apply to become a course author.
    • Upon approval, receive an invitation to begin authoring your course.
    • Email [email protected] when you are ready to launch the course.
    • XPCulture will confirm the listed price and launch the course.
  • How will my course be priced?

    • Every lesson will be priced at $3.  For example, a course consisting of 3 lessons would cost a learner $9. You will earn 33% commission or royalty.
    • If a private course author uses a copy of one of your lessons in their course, you will earn 33% of the revenue generated by that lesson within the private course.
  • How will I be paid?

    • Every quarter, XPCulture will generate a report of how much revenue was generated by your content and pay you a 33% commission.
    • For example, if 10 people took your 5 lesson course ($15 course) during that quarter, the course generated $150 of revenue. You would receive a check for $50 paid to the name and address in your application.
    • Email [email protected] if you change mailing addresses.
  • What are the terms and conditions I’m agreeing to?

    • Read our terms agreement here.
    • As a quick summary of what you might be wondering about…
      • You own the content.
      • By building the course on XPCulture, XPCulture requires you relinquish nonexclusive hosting rights to XPCulture. This means you can publish the content elsewhere if you choose.
      • You reserve the right to remove your content from XPCulture after providing 90 days notice.


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