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FORMAT Find a course. Jump straight in.

ROLE: LEARNER – Engaging content – Discussion Forums – Private notes

COST Listed course price

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Train your team with content you can trust.

Create a group, set them up for success.

– XPIndividual Features
– Schedule lessons
– Track course progress
– Add public notes

Listed course price/participant
(Your seat is free)

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Take XPTeam up a notch with customized course content.

XPCreate SUBSCRIPTION ($20/mo)
– Design a private course using any of our content or your own.
– Create multiple versions of your course for multiple teams.

XPCoaching SUBSCRIPTION ($100/mo)
– XPCreate Features
– 2 hrs/mo of expert coaching
(help with course design and facilitation)

Subscription fee + $24/participant
(Your seat in each team is free)

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Interested in taking a course without a team? We’ve got you covered. Start by selecting a course from the course library.

You’ll have access to the course, be able to engage with other learners on the discussion threads, see your progress, and take private notes along the way.

Watch the trailer, review the course outline, or click the “take course” button to create an account and get started. Our fundamentals course is great for participants, and we have team leader training too.



The easiest way to take the course with a team is in a private group. It’s the same price/person as XPIndividual, and as the creator of the group, your spot is actually free! You can add spots for teammates when you create the group and pay for them, or if you don’t reserve seats for teammates, they will have to pay the course price when they create an account.

We highly recommend you check out our fundamentals course to take with a team.

Above, you will see two different views. Learn (on the left) and teach (on the right). Your teammates will only have the view on the left, but as a group leader, you’re set up as the course moderator which gives you all the extra functionality on the right:


  1. Invite teammates with their email or via a shared link.
  2. Schedule when lessons are due so they’ll get an automatic email reminder if they get behind.
  3. Review participant progress and submitted documents.
  4. Send everyone in the group an email.
  5. Attach public notes to lessons with instructions, additional custom info, or attachments.



On each course overview page, you can find the link to subscription page in the section explaining how to take the course with a team. You can also get there by clicking this link or copying it into your browser:

The subscription page will give you the option to select a monthly or annual plan. If you click the Become a private course author link in the information underneath the monthly subscription option, you will find detailed information about creating private courses.

Above, you will see two different views: Edit (on the left) and teach (on the right).  Moderators in XPTeam have the teach view, but with a subscription, you’ll be able to add, delete and arrange lessons and steps. In addition to everything an XPTeam leader can do, you’ll be able to do the following:


  1. Use any content from the XPCulture Library
  2. Build into the path content of your own.
  3. Customize different versions of your course(s) for different teams.
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