Thanking Your Hosts

by Jessica Purdy

Ways to say thank you

You’ve just returned from your trip and you can’t wait to tell everyone back home everything that happened. Coming home is exciting, but make sure you don’t forget to thank the people who hosted you while you were away. Here are some ways you can do that! Remember that not every way is appropriate for every situation.

How to thank your hosts

  • Prayer for your hosts can be of great encouragement.  Blessings were given throughout the Bible when a person would leave an area.  Bless your hosts with prayer and continue praying once you return home.
  • Write “Thank you” cards in the language of the area.
  • Take several personal or team photos to leave with people who become close during the trip.
  • Once home you can send a card, a letter, an email, an electronic message or text, even a video to thank your host and remind them that you are praying for them.
  • Gifts of money or purchased goods can be a blessing or curse.  Check with team leaders or host leaders. Think about appropriate assistance, possible jealousy, and other factors.  For example, a gift in the mail or through shipping can cost a lot to pick up at the post office or port because of customs duties.  Your gift may cause an undue burden.
  • A wonderful way to show thanks is to maintain relationships.  Remember that use of international texting or mail can be quite expensive for some.  Your correspondence could be thought to require a response and cause financial difficulties.  However, WhatsApp is a common international communication tool that only relies on the internet for messaging.
  • Consider a future trip to maintain relationships.


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