By Josiah Holland | April 2019

What does it mean to be uncommon?

To be set apart, different, not alike. Out of the ordinary, arguably extraordinary.

Uncommon is curiosity,  the theme of the sermon on the mount, the call to a life examined, a higher standard, more than well-intentioned.

Uncommon is living out your faith. Faithfulness at home and not just on a mission trip.

Uncommon is the desire to serve and learn in a culture that glorifies selfies over relationships.

Uncommon is the humility to be a servant learner, the intentionality to be a sensitive guest, and the boldness to be a loving ambassador.

Common packs its bags before going. Uncommon prepares spiritually, physically, and culturally.

Common get home and posts pictures.  Uncommon processes what just happened.

Uncommon is, well, uncommon.

So how does one transition from the former to the latter? upset the norm, survive the storm, and take on an altogether different form?

How will you be uncommon?

It starts with introspection. removing the log from one’s own eye is difficult work.

It follows with anticipation. Learning what to expect takes heavy lifting.

It continues with humility. Taking off the cape, admitting mistakes, and listening.

It transitions with reflection. Ending a journey signifies the beginning of another.

And to not reflect is to reject the opportunity to become uncommon.  to settle. to remain the same. To do year after year the same thing.

Not in the pursuit of healthy consistency, but in apathetic complacency, because change is hard. Different take work. and uncommon is, well uncommon.

Written and performed by Josiah Holland


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