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If you’re serious about preparing and debriefing with excellence, our custom paths will help you get there.

We asked missions pastors what was holding them back.

“The mission trip manual isn’t cutting it.”

The status quo needed an upgrade, so we built it.

Silos and division aren't our style.

Working with experts across the church to equip the church.

The 7 Standards of Excellence in STMs guide what we do.

more than well intentioned...

Well Equipped.

With the help of the experts you respect, we’ve boiled it down to the basics to save your team time and energy.

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Customize a path

You know what your team needs. We help you make it happen.

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Track progress and schedule lessons just like someone with a membership.

Start conversations online so that

meetings are primed for deep discussion

Review quizzes and submitted files, send mass emails in a jiffy, & reference discussions before or during team meetings from any device.


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