we exist to…

glorify God by equipping teams to be
learners, guests, and ambassadors,
who value their hosts.

Meet the team!

Jeff Holland

Jeff Holland

Heading up content with 30 years in missions and 12 of those spent in Togo, Africa, Jeff also works as a counselor for Pioneer Bible Translators.

Josiah Holland

Josiah Holland

Focused on operations and business development, Josiah grew up on the mission field and is a consultant in Cincinnati.

Nathan Tuley

Nathan Tuley

Bringing his technical genius to the table to keep things working smoothly, Nathan also works as a software developer for Pioneer Bible Translators.

It started with a 2005 article
by Dr. Randy Friesen.

In August 2017, Josiah had just finished working a second summer abroad with missions organizations. While both organizations were doing good work, one had the capacity to invest in preparation and debriefing, and the other didn’t. Noticing the difference, Josiah looked into the effectiveness of short-term missions.

His research confirmed his fears. Most trips do a shallow job of preparing and debriefing even though research only found evidence of long-term change in those who underwent well-led training and debriefing. Why weren’t teams taking training more seriously when the stakes were so high?

Josiah resolved to create the tools church leaders would need to reform short-term missions but he needed help. Enter Jeff and Nathan. The rest is history!

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