We Are Listening

by Josiah Holland 

Today, regardless of class or color, we are globally united by a cultural moment of uncertainty: living in the midst of a pandemic and acknowledging systemic injustices, the future is unclear. Until Jesus returns we must strive as individuals, organizations, and societies to determine a path forward.

Founded with the intent of educating and equipping Christians for cross-cultural engagements, today, we find ourselves considering what it means to fulfill that purpose in a cultural moment of global outrage over racial injustice.

For XPCulture, the immediate path forward will consist of a singular focus: listening.

Central to our philosophy/theology/praxis of short-term missions is the concept of being a learner, a guest, and an ambassador. Committed to practicing, teaching, and instilling this framework, our team has decided that for a season, we should commit to listening instead of adding to the noise.

We do not yet know how long this season will last, but as we listen,

we are committed to developing a strategy informed by what we learn in response to the need for resources and training on what it looks like to successfully engage cross-culturally between pews and neighborhoods here at home as well as around the world.

To date, we have operated without an advisory board. Moving forward, we will begin taking steps to form such a board and are committed to racial and denominational diversity in its representation.

Change necessitates action, but so that we can be effective in the pursuit of change and not just productive in generating a list of proposed actions, we are pulling up our oars, checking the wind, opening our sails, and preparing to see where our learning takes us.


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